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Bryan Nash Gill

I was introduced to Bryan’s work a little over two years ago, and shortly after, my colleague Sara and I visited his studio in Connecticut. I was blown away by his stunning prints and space (he built his studio adjacent to his house, surrounded by carefully kept gardens and wild woods). Even more so, I was taken by his overwhelming enthusiasm and kindness. He grilled a chicken for us from a neighbor’s farm and made a big salad, and as we discussed art, books, and his work, it felt like we had known each other for years.

By the following May, we had produced a beautiful book together, Woodcut, and in the process had become great friends. I am particularly proud of this book. I loved working on it and I loved working with Bryan. I reach for it often when I’m in need of inspiration or perspective—or a friend. Bryan Nash Gill passed away on May 17th. We miss you, Bryan.