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Minoru Yamasaki - Reynolds Headquarters, Southfield MI 1959. Via

More photographs of this gem in Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography.


Raymond Loewy House designed by Albert Frey.

Learn more about this house in Albert Frey Houses 1 + 2.

But of course modern typography was not the abrupt invention of one man or even of one group. It emerged in response to new demands and new opportunities thrown up by the nineteenth century. The violence with which modern typography burst upon the early twentieth-century scene reflected the violence with which new concepts in art and design in every field were sweeping away exhausted conventions and challenging those attitudes which had no relevance to a highly industrialized society.

Interior pages featuring the work of Piet Zwart (1929), Herbert Bayer (1923), and Jan Tschichold (1929).

From a first edition of Pioneers of Modern Typography by Herbert Spencer, published in 1969 by Lund Humphries, London. Pulled from the PAPress Design Dept. bookshelf.

Lecture | John Comazzi on ‘Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography’

Author John Comazzi will discuss the life and career of Balthazar Korab, the subject of his recent book Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography

The lecture will be illustrated by images from Korab’s portfolio of commissioned architectural photographs. Works featured will include Saarinen’s TWA Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York; the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana; Mies van der Rohe’s S. R. Crown Hall; Le Corbusier’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University; Louis Kahn’s Kimball Art Museum; and Salk Institute among many others.

Thursday, October 25, 
New York City

Lawrence Halprin’s Skyline Park | NYC launch

We are proud to announce the launch of Lawrence Halprin’s Skyline Park, the first in our new Modern Landscapes series. Join author Ann Komara and series editor Charles Birnbaum for a conversation on the park’s conception, construction, and use before its redesign in 2003—and the launch of the Modern Landscapes series. Lawrence Halprin’s Skyline Park showcases the acclaimed landscape designer’s urban renewal effort for downtown Denver in the 1970s.

The Modern Landscapes series is produced with The Cultural Landscape Foundation and focuses on mid-century works that have been demolished or have undergone a significant transformation.

Book & Series Launch Event:
Lawrence Halprin’s Skyline Park

Van Alen Books
Thursday, October 25, 7pm

Pedro Guerrero (1917–2012)

I was surprised and saddened to read in the paper this morning an obituary on Pedro Guerrerothe eminent architectural photographer and subject of our book Pedro Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey. In addition to being a prodigiously talented photographer, primarily of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work and, later, Louise Nevelson’s and Alexander Calder’s, Guerrero tells in his book how he stumbled into his career through a combination of luck and naiveté, one that echoes with how I ended up in publishing, which further piqued my interest in this book when it first came in. In addition to the fascinating story of Guerrero’s life, his book offers rare glimpses into the lives of many of our most famous artists: Calder’s over-crowded living room and jumble-sale studio and Nevelson’s spartan monkish bedroom. That these artists felt comfortable inviting Guerrero into the spaces of their private lives says as much about his skills as a person as his beautiful photographs do his expertise as a photographer. There is no doubt that the worlds of architecture and photography are poorer today following the loss of this generous and talented man.