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Pedro Guerrero (1917–2012)

I was surprised and saddened to read in the paper this morning an obituary on Pedro Guerrerothe eminent architectural photographer and subject of our book Pedro Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey. In addition to being a prodigiously talented photographer, primarily of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work and, later, Louise Nevelson’s and Alexander Calder’s, Guerrero tells in his book how he stumbled into his career through a combination of luck and naiveté, one that echoes with how I ended up in publishing, which further piqued my interest in this book when it first came in. In addition to the fascinating story of Guerrero’s life, his book offers rare glimpses into the lives of many of our most famous artists: Calder’s over-crowded living room and jumble-sale studio and Nevelson’s spartan monkish bedroom. That these artists felt comfortable inviting Guerrero into the spaces of their private lives says as much about his skills as a person as his beautiful photographs do his expertise as a photographer. There is no doubt that the worlds of architecture and photography are poorer today following the loss of this generous and talented man.