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ARM's Melbourne Theatre Company Sean Godsell's RMIT Design Hub

Alexandra Lange goes Instagramming Around Australia

"My favorite building in this loose collection was probably ARM’s Melbourne Theatre Company [top], in black and white. I’m told the neon tubes reference painter Al Held; I thought of Peter Halley. The white armatures read crisply even on a sunny day, and seemed to move as I walked around the building." About the facade of Sean Godsell’s RMIT Design Hub [bottom], Lange says, “The exterior is exquisite, made of rotating glass panels, like beads on a string, that form a sunshade and reminded me a bit of Edward Durell Stone’s screens.”

Read more about her snapshots of Australia on Design Observer.
Lange’s book, Writing About Architecture was published last year. 

Korab R.I.P.


Again and again, Korab adds texture to the modernist monuments by not editing nature out. On the opposite page from Wayne State is a shot of Mies ven der Rohe’s Lake Shore Drive Apartments (1951) in the snow. His quote: “It was a wet, snowy day, the there were these beautiful tailfins of a Cadillac in the foreground, with the parking meter … it all acts as a counterpoint to the regularity of Mies’s architecture.”

 Alexandra Lange remembering Balthzar Korab on Design Observer


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