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Sneak Peek | Breakthrough!

Breakthrough!, edited by Alex Cornell, offers a compilation of strategies for combating creative block contributed by 90 leading creative practitioners. 

It’s a full of practical (“Sit down, shut up, go off-line.” — J.C. Herz, p.91), unexpected (“Check into an expensive hotel.” — Claire Dederer, p.33), and freeing (“Toss the file in the trash.” — Michael Cina, p.103) words of wisdom, at the heart of which is the reassuring notion that everyone (Christoph Niemann, Debbie Millman, Khoi Vinh, Mario Hugo, Jamie Lidell) gets creative block.

As it turns out, designing a book of advice from our own design heroes and colleagues (Paula ScherExperimental JetsetProject Projects, Nicholas Felton, Astrid Stavro) was itself a recipe for creative block — a task both exhilarating and horrifying enough to stop us cold in our tracks. Luckily, the problem was also the answer, and we turned to some of Breakthrough’s simplest advice to save us (“Casual drawing in public usually shakes something loose.” — The Heads of State, p.146). 

Available September 2012.