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Two specimens of large type in a facsimile specimen book, from the PAPress Design Dept bookshelf. A excerpt from the preface by Richard L. Hopkins:

Specimens from the A. W. Kinsley & Company of Albany, New York (1825–1831), are extremely rare and for that reason, have not had a lot of exposure to the fraternity of specimen book aficionados over the years. Prior to the discovery of the specimen used as copy for this facsimile, only three copies were known to exist—shuttered up in institutions. Two copies were at Columbia University, and a third at the California Historical Society. That is why it was especially gratifying to discover another very complete copy of this rare gem in 2000; that’s why a complete facsimile edition was considered necessary.… The quantity of large type is surprising for it is highly unlikely any of this type is wood type—that process was just being developed about this time (1828).


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