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About Princeton Architectural Press

Princeton Architectural Press is a world leader in architecture and design publishing. Featuring a backlist of nearly 1,000 titles, the company specializes in books and stationery that—in subject matter and design—defy easy categorization. With each new season’s offerings, Princeton Architectural Press continues to surprise, inspire, and inform those curious about the visual world.

Office dogs Olivia and Viola on the lookout for new manuscripts
at 37 East 7th Street. Send yours (with treats).

About the blog

Welcome to 37 East 7th Street. Named in honor of our East Village address, this blog was created in the spirit of an open house. Inside you’ll find contributions from every PAPress department—from editorial and design to production and publicity. Join us as we lift the curtain on books in progress to reveal the layers of inspiration, editorial insight, and physical handcraft at their core. We believe there is wonder and beauty in every corner of the visual world. On these pages, we look forward to sharing the points of reference and creative nourishment that inform our work. From time to time, we’ll dip into our backlist of more than one thousand books and explore their contemporary relevance. We’ll also feature interviews and cultural recommendations from authors past and present. We offer all this and more in hopes that it will both enhance the experience of reading our books and encourage a greater appreciation of the visual culture from which they are drawn.